With over 20 years’ experience in marketing and advertising in the South Florida market, EAG founder and president William Riveron increases the bottom line of each client by integrating the latest and most profitable sources of revenue and growth for companies of all sizes.

William founded EAG in 1999 to help general market and Hispanic businesses prosper through creative, results-driven advertising strategies that encompass branding and media planning, but ultimately deliver a direct response approach to the conventional marketing field. Over the years, William has helped countless companies reach unprecedented levels of success by applying his experience and knowledge of the General and Hispanic markets.

William holds a B.A. in Business, and began his career as a Hispanic Market Specialist for the Tribune Company, overseeing a popular South Florida, Spanish-language tabloid newspaper. He then pursued his passion for broadcast television by serving as a Hispanic Media Specialist within the cable advertising sales industry. William’s bilingual and bi-cultural background has enabled EAG clients to better understand and leverage the various cultures, customs and habits of our ever-growing multicultural market.


Danny is a pioneer in the internet industry and considered a top technologist among his peers and clients. Beginning in the early 90’s, he forecasted trends which allowed him to direct executives and decision-makers through this brave new world of technology. But what he knew better than others were the ramifications and opportunities for business embracing the world of on-line retail and e-commerce. He easily led the way for the migration of off-line business operations to on-line visibility. In essence, he was doing what everyone was still talking about – bridging the standard bricks and mortar world into the very new clicks and mortar universe.

In an industry changing by the minute, Danny has always been far ahead of the curve. As the seasoned marketer with aver 16 years of digital marketing experience, he has blazed trail that many have followed. His team consists of unlimited talents include e-Business building, consulting, marketing, and site design. However, it’s his unique ability to integrate them all that has landed the firm near the top of South Florida lists in both Internet Marketing and Website Design on a yearly basis.


Vivian Estevez is a seasoned advertising professional with over 20 years in the advertising/ marketing industry.

She received her B.A. in Communications & an M.B.A. from the University of Miami. Vivian has a strong strategic planning background that brings unique insights to the development of an advertising/ marketing program.

Her vast marketing knowledge includes a deep understanding of the consumer market and the multi-dimensional media landscape.

Throughout her career Vivian has worked on National, International, Regional and Local market accounts. She offers an acute comprehension of all market groups and media segments: Broadcast (TV & Radio), print, outdoor, non-traditional, grassroots efforts, online, e-marketing, and social media marketing – she clearly understands their strengths, weaknesses – and knows the most effective and efficient ways to use them to deliver an advertisers message to the appropriate target audience.

She has developed an outstanding reputation for not only strategic, professional media planning and buying discipline, but also for very aggressive rate and merchandising negotiations. She has an innate ability to heavily negotiate three-dimensional and non-traditional media into a client’s advertising program.

Through the years Vivian has worked with many Fortune 500 companies and global brands. Her experience spans many industries: Automotive, Banking, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, Insurance, Packaged Goods, Pharmaceutical, Quick Service Restaurants, Real Estate, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications, Tourism/Hospitality, Utilities, & Wine/ Spirits.


In eight short years, Ana Rivera taken her career venture from an ambitious PR firm with two loyal and committed clients, to a full-service powerhouse, offering not only public relations expertise but also event production, social media, brand management and more. Today, she specializes in luxury, travel, hospitality, spirits, restaurant, lifestyle, beauty, real estate and fashion industries.”My passion for this industry was ignited years ago, as an intern, at a local fashion magazine,” said Rivera. “What drew me in was the relationship-building aspect of media. As I moved from intern to co-owner to CEO, of Identity Media, I am still driven by the personal connection to each one of our clients. I know their stories and I want to share our services to help them succeed.”

Rivera’s commitment to growing the South Florida lifestyle industry has made her a young standout leader, being named to Brickell Magazine’s prestigious “20 under 40” list. This list encompasses the next generation of movers and shakers in an iconic American city. Being named to the list is no small feat, given their drive, ambition and opportunity to have a long-lasting impact in a major way.

Recently, she was also featured on Community Newspapers on the “Gables Great” featured reserved for professionals excelling in their industry as well as in the philanthropy world. As for Rivera, a young leader is only as good as the talent she can develop. At Identity, when she isn’t focused on business or client work, Ana devotes herself to her team.

She is always looking for ways to help them grow, to share their success and create a group of passionate professionals who come to work every day with a purpose. “I am in the business of creating relationships and helping others, whether it is clients or colleagues, achieve their goals,” said Rivera. “There is nothing more inspiring than that.”


Carlos has been designing professionally for almost 10 years and has been an artist his entire life. Unique to his creative abilities is the marketing expertise derived from a business degree in marketing and 5 years’ experience managing marketing for organizations across several industries. Each design decision is constructed from a natural understanding of aesthetics and sound strategy.