With over 20 years experience in marketing and advertising in the South Florida market, EAG founder and president William Riveron increases the bottom line of each client by integrating the latest and most profitable sources of revenue and growth for companies of all sizes.

William founded EAG in 1999 to help English and Hispanic businesses prosper through creative, results-driven advertising strategies that encompass branding and media planning, but ultimately deliver a direct response approach to the conventional marketing field. Over the years, William has helped countless companies reach unprecedented levels of success by applying his experience and knowledge of the English and Hispanic markets.

William holds a B.A. in Business, and began his career as a Hispanic Market Specialist for the Tribune Company, overseeing a popular South Florida, Spanish-language tabloid newspaper. He then pursued his passion for broadcast television by serving as a Hispanic Media Specialist within the cable advertising sales industry. William’s bilingual, bi-cultural background has enabled EAG clients to better understand and leverage the various cultures, customs and habits of our ever-growing multicultural market.

Who We Are

We are expertly trained in a wide array of marketing disciplines ranging from branding, direct response advertising and per inquiry advertising, to web development, online marketing, US Hispanic market and international advertising, and more.Moreover, what makes us stand out from the pack is the fact that we are instinctively focused on tracking every single step of the strategies we plan and implement. This direct response approach to all our branding efforts gives us the advantage of being able to correct course on the go, if necessary, so we don’t waste any resources and we obtain the desired results.

Our Team

At EAG, we’ve earned a longstanding reputation for exemplary customer service. That’s why we employ a highly-knowledgeable and experienced team of account managers that are well-versed in our exacting standards, and dedicated to treating you with the highest level of care, respect and consideration… but that’s not all! EAG offers the highest level of corporate representation and counsel in the areas of marketing, advertising, public relations, media planning and media buying. We can advise and guide you through all phases of brand development, and work closely with you to create all of the branding, client feedback, retention and referral programs you’ll need to ensure lasting success for many years to come.


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