It's time to trim the fat

At EAG, over 20 years of experience successfully implementing branding strategies with a direct response approach means we have the knowledge and know-how at reaching the perfect target audience. Only those customers interested in buying your products or services. It also means accountability across the board. Whether it's a traditional TV commercial, billboard, print ad, or any other creative execution, we track their effectiveness and make adjustments on the go, if necessary.

Our messages are fit for reaching your consumer

Here, we develop the best quality and most successful branding and direct response television (DRTV) advertising, both short-form (30 and 60 second TV spots) and long-form (from 2 minutes to half-hour) infomercials. All of our TV spots and infomercials are strategically designed to continuously solicit and obtain a direct response from your targeted audience. This response is specific and quantifiable and it happens directly between the consumer and you, the advertiser. All our creative executions are developed with the goal of primarily generating action and producing results, which, in turn, we quantify and analyze. EAG's direct response approach provides advertisers with advantages rarely matched by other executions and any other media:
  • Strong ROI. EAG measures your advertising dollars’ return on investment (ROI) with the utmost accuracy. This means that you can independently assess the effectiveness of each and every media buy in order to determine its cost per order (CPO) or cost per lead (CPL). This way you can immediately compare the results against your initial marketing goals and objectives. We follow every buy in real-time for better accuracy.
  • Investment Risk Reduction. Since most advertising is highly measurable, you won’t have to wait too long to know whether your marketing effort is being successful or not and which of the media outlets and schedules are reaching the right consumers.


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