The X’s and O’s of Media Planning Success

We plan and rehearse all possible scenarios for your brand within its media environment, before we make any budgetary commitment. We identify which broadcast, online, print, outdoor and / or electronic media outlet represents the most effective and efficient way to reach your target, while generating the greatest exposure for your products or services. At EAG, our experienced media planners use our proprietary market research and analysis tools to accurately identify, reach and connect with the appropriate consumer target groups. A strategically-sound media plan means knowing what to do  and how to allocate your budget before a single dollar is spent.

We Don’t Buy Into Anybody’s Hype

There’s no shiny medium object that can distract us from our main goal: to find the best avenue to spread your message and generate results. With millions of dollars in annual media placements, EAG is one of the most important media buyers in the nation. This gives us unparalleled leverage for negotiating the most competitive rates and time periods for you, our Client. This yields unprecedented savings, ROI and profitability. We pick the right media outlet for each product or service within the General, U.S. Hispanic and/or Caribbean markets and we negotiate the best rates. Period.


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