Media Buying and Media Planning

EAG has a unique approach to the media planning process.

We question everything, to truly create a strategically targeted media footprint.
Through our combined buying power, media relationship power and drive to deliver measurable ROIs, we help brands stretch their media investment.

Once EAG has developed a media buying campaign based on a client’s sales objectives and research, and branding strategy, the plan is put into action.

Based on market conditions and clients goals we determine how to purchase the most efficient media buy.

After building and negotiating our client’s media plan, we thoroughly measure and optimize the buy using performance data to quantify current media effectiveness and provide straightforward insight into how our clients can significantly improve their CPAs/ CPLs/ ROI.


EAG strongly believes in media accountability, we measure everything. 

EAG offers research, tracking, and analysis of all its media efforts to provide a complete view of the client’s total marketing impact.

We are able to measure and react immediately to improve a specific media channel and the entire marketing mix.
The client’s ROI is our priority..

Per-Inquiry Advertising

Very few companies can put your product or service on television without you putting money upfront. EAG can. With Per Inquiry advertising, you can run a TV commercial on local, regional or even national networks without paying for the airtime cost.

You only pay for the inquiries your TV spot generates after it’s aired.

An independent telemarketing company tracks the calls generated by a designated toll-free number included within your TV commercial and then submits the respective billing reports to the station.

The TV station then bills the client a pre-determined fee based on the number of calls generated by the TV ad. PI advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to start advertising your product/service while at the same time keeping very tight control on your budget and on your leads.