Organic (SEO) Marketing

Being in Search Engine Organic Results is one of the ways people find your business on the Internet. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy that business owners/marketers should consider to be found when potential clients search for their services.

Using SEO techniques you can reach the highest positions in Google SERPs with keywords related to your services. It guarantee a 24/7 Online Presence and Free traffic to your site. That’s why SEO worth the effort to get Organic Traffic to your site.

Paid Advertising

The core strategy behind paid advertising is PPC. Clients want to create an advertising campaign to market product or service online. The most popular method is PPC because it’s one of the most effective campaigns on the internet. Search Engines like Google or Bing allow you to create ads that can be displayed at the top of a search query based on the searched keywords, as a potential customer views the page the first result are likely to be a PPC ad. Based on factors such as ad text, extensions and landing page; the potential customer may click on the ad taking them to a landing page with the product or service being advertised. Customers that click on PPC ads are 60% or likely to make some sort of interaction or sale because of how landing pages are set up.

In the new age of technology, where almost every person is connected to the internet in some form, creating a PPC campaign is the new modern way to advertise. Anyone that sells a product of service should have a PPC campaign. Unlike traditional marketing, a PPC campaign are shown to customers that are looking for the product or service. This increases the effectiveness of the campaign, unlike TV or radio where the message is displayed to everyone regardless if they are interested or not. By creating a campaign with keywords that are built around the client’s product of service, we can find the right audience. Ad texts are built to grab the attention of this audience and pull as many as possible to the site you are advertising. Finally the landing page with pitch the full message and make the customer into a sale for the client.

Local Marketing

Websites that list business directories information, name, address and phone number at a minimum. It is imperative that local businesses claim and correct local directory listings which google will see as more authoritative and therefore enables businesses to increase organic search engine results.