What is Per Inquiry Advertising in Miami?

Per inquiry advertising Miami is probably one of the best and beneficial services that an advertising agency can offer you and your company.

Our agency has exceptional capabilities in television, radio and print direct response campaigns. We have associations with virtually every major cable network and over 250 broadcast stations in the US.
We offer you the opportunity to air your commercial on a no-risk basis, known as Per Inquiry Advertising (P.I.) or Revenue Sharing.
Also called cost per lead, pay per lead or pay for performance, it’s a direct response marketing model whereby advertisers receive free ad time and space, but only pay for results.

  • Media outlets often have unused air or print space, so making use of this unsold advertising space benefits both you and the media outlet.
  • The leads produced will be trackable, allowing for measurable results.
  • You merely agree to pay a set price for each qualifying call.
  • The advantage is you don’t pay for advertising space at rate card and keep fingers crossed there will be an immediate ROI.
  • A low risk form of marketing that yields results before payment is required.
  • Takes away the stress of calculating cost and length of ad campaign.
  • The catch: You lose control of where and when the ads will run.
  • In a nutshell, our job is to entice consumers to call a customer service center.
  • EAG negotiates A cost-per-call fee based on estimated call volume and media formats to be used including radio, television and print.
  • Unique call tracking numbers are used to track longer calls as leads.
  • Billing is based on the number of qualified calls, the definition of which is subject to negotiation.