How Do Advertising Agencies Work?

Every ad agency in Miami has a unique functional structure. The agencies employ diverse marketing as well as promotional strategies to increase your brand’s market share. But, do you know who all are responsible for bringing together that perfect plan of action? Here’s a brief overview to help you understand what all departments work in an ad agency to deliver even the impossible.


The creative team comprises of an art director as well as a copywriter who work together to come up with awe-inspiring campaigns. Together with designers and production artists, the creative team makes sure the end product is on-brief and on-time.

Account Planning

Account executives are the primary point of communication between the agency and the clients. These employees, a mix of managers and researchers, have a keen sense of both marketing and creative planning. They help in making the entire advertising process relevant as well as unique.

Media Planning and Buying

It’s the media planning staff that decides which option is best for your particular campaign. In terms of timing and space, your ad can be placed outdoors, on television, radio or newspapers at a negotiable price. The department works in close collaboration with the creative staff who initiate the ideas according to the chosen platform.

Client Servicing

This department works on the liaising aspect of advertising. The staff assists you with the different promotional techniques you can go for. So, they understand how you can position your brand and what strategies will help align with the objectives. This way, you can better convey your brand’s message and be present before the audience in the right manner.

Ad agencies in Miami can range from small to big, but they all work towards a mutual aim – to ensure the campaigns are right and running for the client’s benefit. We at EAG Group help you craft appropriate strategies that deliver a definite return on your investment. We are a dedicated team of experts who are willing to help you in the best possible way. You can call or mail us and we’d be right there to help you with all-things-advertising.