Are you using direct response advertising yet? If not, you are leaving your business out in the cold.

Unlike traditional “branding” campaigns that take a few months (and possibly even years) to kick in, direct response advertising is geared towards eliciting a response from prospective customers and encouraging them to opt-in the advertiser’s offer immediately. The “offer” can refer to:

  • Signing up for an email list
  • Calling for more information
  • Placing an order for a product or service
  • Visiting a website or social media page

Taking a high-quality prospect from consideration to decision in no time can effectively and efficiently sell products, services, and ideas today – build brands, raise corporate awareness, and improve retail sales in the long-term.

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At EAG, we help e-commerce advertisers capitalize on the unprecedented power of direct response advertising in Miami. By defining goals, crystallizing your targeted audience, establishing performance metrics, and executing the strongest integrated media mix, we will help you take your business to the next level.

Whether you are a start-up looking to scale your business or an established brand seeking new audiences – EAG has the proven strategies that will maximize your growth ASAP. With our turn-key direct response advertising solutions, we will help you drive better experiences, increase customer loyalty and, ultimately, deliver on your business goals.

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Every ad agency in Miami has a unique functional structure. The agencies employ diverse marketing as well as promotional strategies to increase your brand’s market share. But, do you know who all are responsible for bringing together that perfect plan of action? Here’s a brief overview to help you understand what all departments work in an ad agency to deliver even the impossible.


The creative team comprises of an art director as well as a copywriter who work together to come up with awe-inspiring campaigns. Together with designers and production artists, the creative team makes sure the end product is on-brief and on-time.

Account Planning

Account executives are the primary point of communication between the agency and the clients. These employees, a mix of managers and researchers, have a keen sense of both marketing and creative planning. They help in making the entire advertising process relevant as well as unique.

Media Planning and Buying

It’s the media planning staff that decides which option is best for your particular campaign. In terms of timing and space, your ad can be placed outdoors, on television, radio or newspapers at a negotiable price. The department works in close collaboration with the creative staff who initiate the ideas according to the chosen platform.

Client Servicing

This department works on the liaising aspect of advertising. The staff assists you with the different promotional techniques you can go for. So, they understand how you can position your brand and what strategies will help align with the objectives. This way, you can better convey your brand’s message and be present before the audience in the right manner.

Ad agencies in Miami can range from small to big, but they all work towards a mutual aim – to ensure the campaigns are right and running for the client’s benefit. We at EAG Group help you craft appropriate strategies that deliver a definite return on your investment. We are a dedicated team of experts who are willing to help you in the best possible way. You can call or mail us and we’d be right there to help you with all-things-advertising.

Digital marketing, as a field, is always changing and evolving. Agencies develop cutting-edge and practical strategies to promote your business. Targeted and data-driven brand promotion is done via technology, delivering quantifiable results. Strategies are continuously tested to see what’s working and what’s not. So, a digital marketing agency works completely opposite to what a traditional agency does. An agency takes over your entire marketing burden so you can focus on closing your deals, getting more investors, forming newer partnerships, and setting better business goals. What else?

Establish your online presence

At EAG we work extensively on developing your online hub and effectively showcases your brand on the internet. They also help you determine which channel works best to increase your reach. Position your brand as a market leader. High-quality content alongside builds your brand’s authority.

Improve your business reputation

EAG evaluates your business needs and creates powerful strategies to increase your profits as well as create a positive image of your brand.

Perform in-depth market research

Research helps you learn the language of your audience, which you can put forward in promotional campaigns. If you want to promote your brand digitally, do not underestimate the power of extensive market research.

Boost ROI

Higher return on investment leads to higher profits. So, this is one of the essential services that a digital marketing agency in Miami would provide – steady ROI.

Work on SEO

Here at EAG, we can do all or any of the following to establish brand awareness through practical SEO efforts:

  • Analyze the site’s infrastructure
  • Audit backlink profiles
  • Identify broken links
  • UX evaluation
  • Campaign management and more.

Marketing strategies

This can include mobile, e-mail, and content marketing to generate leads and turn them into consumers, increasing business revenue.


Ad campaigns run by an expert digital marketing agency can undoubtedly increase brand recognition, grow your sales, and create customer loyalty. Facebook is a fantastic platform to start with. If not that, an agency can provide video advertising options too.

At EAG Group, we can powerfully transform your business and take it to greater heights.

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Plenty of advertising agencies are out there in the market – all endorsing just the same services. So, how can you pick the right one for your business? Fortunately, certain qualities separate a professional and skilled agency from an unskilled one. These traits ensure that you are partnering with someone reliable and responsible.

So, who should you hire?

Hire specialists: You must look for an agency that’s an expert in its space and has vast industry knowledge. This shows they are aware of the current trends and understand your business goals as well as the target audience.

Look for culture: The core values of an agency tell you what kind of a relationship you are likely to build with them. So, favor the agency that’s innovative, collaborative, and proactive. Also, check out their workspace – it often reflects the environment of the agency.

Price isn’t the sole deciding factor: Of course, pricing matters, but irrationally squeezing the agency’s bottom line can hinder their productivity. So, pay the agency fairly, but also ensure they are providing you with a competitive plan.

Look ahead of location: Sometimes, if you need a fresher perspective, do not restrict your search in terms of location. With email, Skype, and mobile phones in hands, accessibility, and connectivity aren’t an issue.

Set realistic expectations: Before finalizing an ad agency, make sure that your expectations are set right. Be sure of your long-term and short-term business objectives and then fit in the one that matches your taste.

Look ahead of brand name: This is especially important because, in the long run, it’s the team and their dedication that will bring in positive results. So, choose a competent team and not just the brand name.

Recognitions: If you want to play safe, hire an advertising agency that’s recognized and is well-known for delivering quality results. However, sometimes the agency might not have any accolades to display, but that’s where you apply your discretion and judge their skill set based on their clientele and past performance.

When planning advertising, it is easy to be disillusioned by in-house studios, big offices, and seemingly inexpensive bottom-line. But, what you must really care about are the work ethics and how well you would understand each other.

At EAG Group, we prioritize your business, listen to your needs, and help you in maximizing your profits to a great extent.

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Advertising agencies are like tailors – they plan, create and deliver whatever the client needs. Such firms are independent entities who make all the efforts in creating the brand’s name and selling their services or products. These companies work with a unified vision i.e., to help the business convert their potential customers into permanent consumers. But, how does that happen?

Here at EAG, we ensure that the brand develops a lasting connection with its target audience and exhibit absolute devotion. Here is what else we can help you with:

  • Consistent and rigorous advertising efforts help increase the company’s traffic. This means more consumers, increasing trade and ultimately, more business opportunities.
  • However, advertising shows the potential audience what’s new, what’s consistent, who’s on the top line and what actions they must take while navigating through a flow of new customers with changing needs.
  • Steady and right kind of advertising strategies to help create a convincing image, regardless of the competition.
  • Promoting repeat business: Advertisements help remind your consumers why they picked you in the first place and why they must continue doing so.
  • Knowing your business in and out is great, but you can get stuck with biased opinions. So, hiring our services will offer you a fresher and an outside perspective opening your eyes to reality.
  • Getting the assistance of top-level talent on a per-project basis is much more convenient. Furthermore, hiring dedicated employees is a costly affair.
  • Access to a newer set of connections that an agency must have fostered over time. So, you can make the most out of your investment.

EAG is a team of power-packed professionals. So, by trusting our expertise, you can also focus on your core competencies.

How Can We Help?

At EAG Group, we can help you achieve something that you have been wishing for – business awareness and growth. You do not have to carry the burden on your shoulders – hire our services and let us carry the responsibilities. You do what you are good at, let us take care of the rest.

There is something so smart, chic, and intriguing about the advertising industry. It is full of quirky professionals who can even market ice to an Eskimo. But, to group these agencies as one is not right. No two agencies are the same – each one is dynamic in its own way. However, as a full-service marketing agency in Miami, we will help you create, maintain as well as sustain your brand’s marketing strategies.

We often begin with the research work that helps understand what is and isn’t working in the present plan. Once the agency has a clear picture, it enables them to develop a revised marketing strategy. An implementation plan is then chalked out for specific campaigns, and finally, the success of each of the elements is analyzed. Such specialized agencies can also be hired for a particular project or for a specific time frame. Some of our goals include retaining the existing customer base, converting the target audience into clients, improving the revenue, and helping the brand thrive.

There are various types of marketing agencies in Miami that specialize in different spaces. So, you may come across a consultancy firm, one that deals in tele, digital, and direct marketing along with communication specialists.

On the other hand, a full-service marketing agency, is capable of handling all the aspects of advertising. It can work on strategic planning, as well as the creative and production process. You do not have the need to hire outside services while producing your campaigns – everything remains in one place.

If you are striving to carve out the right strategy, we are here to help!

We, at EAG (Executive Advertising Group), are a full-service advertising agency. If your company needs help in creating a powerful marketing plan, you may benefit from working with a full-service marketing agency like ours.

So, no matter how big or small the agency is, if they can successfully turn your potential customers into actual clients, the investment is a smart decision.